FCI 2020

One world, more than 140 dogs from more than 35 countries

United in one place: APELDOORN

Participants prepared, dogs ready. On top concentration, go for the highest possible. Stand out in Tracking, Obedience, Protection or even everything at once. From 9 to 13 September 2020, the 30th World Championships will take place. Follow this site and stay informed about the preparations.


Part A:

Jiri Lasik

Part B:

Edgar Scherkl

Born on 18.07.1961 Master heating and ventilation master

46509 Xanten, Willicherstr.1e.scherkl@heizungsbau-scherkl.de, Tel + 49 179 5330330


Dog sport since 1976
– Member of the MV Repelen since 1976 (DVG)
– Member of the DMC since 1990
– Member of the OG Sulz (SV / SWHV)

Training of the following breeds:
– German shepherd, Rottweiler, Doberman, Malinois


– German championship all breed few times
– DMC Championship a few times
– FMBB world championship

functionary activity

– Chairman of the German Malinois Club e.V.
– Judge for breeding and IGP sport, Judge in the DMC; VDH, FCI
– Instructor for Breeding jugde and Decoyin the German Malinois Club e.V.
– VDH dog handler license since 2001
– FCI Utility Dog Commission to the PO 2012
– Member of the VDH Working Dog Commission
– Member of the board of the FMBB
– Judge in the DMC
– FCI judge
– FCI delegate from German
– FCI referfent for jugdes for FCI and FMBB Worlschampionships


– Jugde FMBB-Wordchampionship  2013-2017-2019
– Head Jugde FMBB 2017-2020
– DMC Championship several times
– VDH Qualification for the FCI World Championships 2005, 2007, 2014, 2016
– Norwegian Masters 2013, Sandefjord Cup a few times
– FCI-WUSV-FMBB World Championship Qualifications 2010 and 2015 Brazil
– Russian Championship 2015
– Russian Cup 2016
– South American Championship 2016 in Mexico
– FCI-WUSV-FMBB World Championship Qualifications Hungary 2013
– Columbian Championship 2009
– FCI-WUSV-FMBB World Championship Qualifications Argentina 2015
– FMBB Qualification Italy 2018
– FMBB Qualification France 2019
– FMBB Qualification Spain 2019
– FMBB Qualification Spain 2020


– Trainer work for IPO seminars in Germany, Slovenia, Norway, Austria, USA, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, Brazil,
   Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Venezuela, Colombia, Mexico, Japan, Australia, Turkey, Ukraine, Russia, China
– Presentation at the police dog school Germany, Switzerland, China, Argentina and Brazil
– VDH and FCI judge training of the PO, Division A, B + C


– Multiple national champion DVG NRW
– multiple participation in the DM-DHV
– Austrian Champion for Belgian Shepherd Dogs 1991
– Winner of the FCI-FH-qualification
– Multiple Team World Champions FCI and Belgian World Championships
– 4 times German Champion of all breeds (VDH)
– 1 time DMC Championat Place 3
– 2 times DMC Championat Place 2
– 6 times champion winner DMC
– 21 times participation in world championships
– FMBB World Cup winner 2010
– 3 times Trize World Champion (1 x FCI 2 x FMBB WM)
– 4 times Vice World Champion (3x FCI, 1x FMBB WM)
– 4 times world champion (2 x FCI-WM, 2x FMBB WM)


Successfully trained own dogs up to World Championships:


  • Cayman of Eagle Eye (puppy) Malinois 9 times on worldchampionships 7 times on podium, FCI and FMBB worldchampion
  • A`Desert to the sun (puppy) Malinois, FCI and FMBB worldchampion
  • Myron of the dragon heart (puppy) Malinois
  • Arco van de Puttershoef, (2.5 years old) Malinois IPO3; FH1; FH2, IPO-FH
  • #Nikelson van het Dreiland (from puppy) Malinois qualified for FMBB-WC


Trained dogs:


Uschi vom Wilmkesfeld (DSH) IPO2 60x track dog test
Golo vom Klöästerchen (Rottweiler) IPO3; FH1; FH 2
Buster from the Westmark (Dobermann) IPO3
Doerak van de Quirinjen (Malinois) IPO 3

Part C:

Igor Lengvarsky

Supervisor A:


Naam: Sermant
Voornaam: Freddy

Living in Peer, Belgium


I am active in dog sports since 1980 in Tracking, as well as  IPO and IGP.

And gained several years of experience as a Service Dog handler at Defense.


As a competitor/ handler I took part in IGP contests, both small and big events as CAC’s, National Championships and I participated the IDC World Championship IGP for Dobermann’s for 11 times.


I am a qualified track layer, helper, instructor IGP and succeeded exams for judging IGP – Tracking


On my honors list as a judge are, amongst other events:


2016 CACIT Lux FCI Ettelbrück dept. C
                2016 Grote prijs van België dept. A
                2017 CMBF Worldcup of French Shepherds Tracking
                2017 CMBF Worldcup of French Shepherds IPO dept. A
                2018 IDC Weltmeisterschaft IGP Lozorno dept. A
                2019 VVDH Belgisch kampioenschap dept. A
                2019 Interland België – Nederland VDH-VVDH debt. B

…. And several big and smaller national competitions IGP – Tracking Dog Trials- Endurance Test (IAD)

Supervisor B/C

Robert Markschlaeger

Field B & C