FCI 2020

One world, more than 140 dogs from more than 35 countries

United in one place: APELDOORN

Participants prepared, dogs ready. On top concentration, go for the highest possible. Stand out in Tracking, Obedience, Protection or even everything at once. From 9 to 13 September 2020, the 30th World Championships will take place. Follow this site and stay informed about the preparations.


Tracking: Jiri Lasik (CZ)

I was very pleased to be nominated as a judge for the FCI IGP 2020 World Cup in the Netherlands. It is a great honor for me and it is one of the highlights of my career as a cynologically judge.
I have been interested in cynology since 1980. Together with cynology sport I was involved in professional cynology with the Czech Police. First in direct action, later in the dog center for police handlers and dogs.
I have participated in many competitions in national as well as international level. I took part in the FCI and WUSV World Championship for nine times, which is the highlight of my dog sport career. I like watching dogs on the trail and as a judge I really like this category. I judged at many different FCI national championships according to IGP and IGP FH and also as supervisor at the FCI World Championship. During the last five years I have been the leader of the Czech Republic’s national team at the FCI IGP and IGP-FH World Championship.

I am very excited about this event and I wish all competitors of this championship good luck and joy from the performance of their dogs and other competitors

Obidience Edgar Scherkl

Born on 18.07.1961 Master heating and ventilation master



Dog sport since 1976
– Member of the MV Repelen since 1976 (DVG)
– Member of the DMC since 1990
– Member of the OG Sulz (SV / SWHV)

Training of the following breeds: – German shepherd, Rottweiler, Dobermann, Malinois


– German championship all breed few times
– DMC Championship a few times
– FMBB world championship


– Chairman of the German Malinois Club e.V.
– Judge for breeding and IGP sport, Judge in the DMC; VDH, FCI
– Instructor for Breeding jugde and Decoyin the German Malinois Club e.V.
– VDH dog handler license since 2001
– FCI Utility Dog Commission to the PO 2012
– Member of the VDH Working Dog Commission
– Member of the board of the FMBB
– Judge in the DMC
– FCI judge
– FCI delegate from German
– FCI referfent for jugdes for FCI and FMBB Worlschampionships


– Judge FMBB-Wordchampionship  2013-2017-2019
– Head Judge FMBB 2017-2020
– DMC Championship several times
– VDH Qualification for the FCI World Championships 2005, 2007, 2014, 2016
– Norwegian Masters 2013, Sandefjord Cup a few times
– FCI-WUSV-FMBB World Championship Qualifications 2010 and 2015 Brazil
– Russian Championship 2015
– Russian Cup 2016
– South American Championship 2016 in Mexico
– FCI-WUSV-FMBB World Championship Qualifications Hungary 2013
– Columbian Championship 2009
– FCI-WUSV-FMBB World Championship Qualifications Argentina 2015
– FMBB Qualification Italy 2018
– FMBB Qualification France 2019
– FMBB Qualification Spain 2019
– FMBB Qualification Spain 2020


– Multiple national champion DVG NRW
– multiple participation in the DM-DHV
– Austrian Champion for Belgian Shepherd Dogs 1991
– Winner of the FCI-FH-qualification
– Multiple Team World Champions FCI and Belgian World Championships
– 4 times German Champion of all breeds (VDH)
– 1 time DMC Championat Place 3
– 2 times DMC Championat Place 2
– 6 times champion winner DMC
– 21 times participation in world championships
– FMBB World Cup winner 2010
– 3 times Trize World Champion (1 x FCI 2 x FMBB WM)
– 4 times Vice World Champion (3x FCI, 1x FMBB WM)
– 4 times world champion (2 x FCI-WM, 2x FMBB WM)

Part C:

Igor Lengvarsky

Supervisor A:


Naam: Sermant
Voornaam: Freddy

Living in Peer, Belgium


I am active in dog sports since 1980 in Tracking, as well as  IPO and IGP And gained several years of experience as a Service Dog handler at Defense.

As a competitor/ handler I took part in IGP contests, both small and big events as CAC’s, National Championships and I participated the IDC World Championship IGP for Dobermann’s for 11 times.

I am a qualified track layer, helper, instructor IGP and succeeded exams for judging IGP – Tracking

On my honors list as a judge are, amongst other events:

2016 CACIT Lux FCI Ettelbrück dept. C
                2016 Grote prijs van België dept. A
                2017 CMBF Worldcup of French Shepherds Tracking
                2017 CMBF Worldcup of French Shepherds IPO dept. A
                2018 IDC Weltmeisterschaft IGP Lozorno dept. A
                2019 VVDH Belgisch kampioenschap dept. A
                2019 Interland België – Nederland VDH-VVDH debt. B

…. And several big and smaller national competitions IGP – Tracking Dog Trials- Endurance Test (IAD)

Supervisor B/C

Robert Markschlaeger

Second Judge section B 

Anja van der Meijden

Born October 7, 1958, in 1979 I bought my first German shepherd and became a member of a circle group of the VDH.

I was the first female helper in competition in time in the Netherlands and since then, I took part and are still helping at several associations.

With two different dogs I have been a competitor  in the European WUSV team five times in total and in 1983 the first and am, until so far, the only Dutch(wo-)man to win the EUSV in Hasselt Belgium with 293 points and a year later with the same amount of points , I became 2nd in Italy.

I trained a Dobermann-handler up to his participation in the FCI championship. In 1993 I passed my exams to be judge and since then I have regularly judged main events of the VDH as well as numerous exams and competitions, where the work drive and spontaneity of the work shown by the dogs are paramount, and made a positive contribution to main events of other breeds.

Field B & C