Happy Dog

Food for Champions

At Happy Dog, we believe that health comes from within. With the right, healthy food, dogs will and can deliver top performances!

Happy Dog is produced in the German town of Wehringen, where the roots of the family business Interquell lie. In 1965, the first Happy Dog food was born here. High-quality raw materials and ingredients from regional farmers have formed the base of Happy Dog’s products ever since.

The assortment is now distributed all over the world: Happy Dog is the market leader in Germany and is exported to 73 countries on three continents. In the Netherlands and Belgium, the natural animal food is now available online and sold in more than one hundred pet shops around the countries.

Happy Dog Supreme: food for every dog
The recipes, nutrients and ingredients of Happy Dog have been refined over the years. For every age, size and pedigree there is a suitable product in the assortment, which is produced entirely in-house in Wehringen. From puppy to senior dogs, as well as dogs that need extra care in terms of nutrition, such as active sports dogs, there is a variety available.

Lovers of dog sports
Happy Dog is food for Champions! Health comes from the inside and our food ensures that sports dogs can perform at their best with their owners. As dog lovers, Happy Dog therefore supports many clubs and events, such as FCI World Championship IGP.

For more information visit:  www.happydog.nl or follow us on Facebook or Instagram.

Apport Hondesport

Materials for Champions

Apport Hondesport is a family business founded over 45 years ago by the lack of proper dog sport materials at the traditional pet store.

The commercial training, entrepreneurship as well as the craftmanship of the owner, Carel Meijer, manufacturing products in the best possible quality, is a guaranty for sublime products.

We look after this philosophy on daily basis.

Apport Dogsport

In addition of manufacturing our own products, Apport Hondesport is the importer of HST, Top-Matic, Ventlock and more as well as representing other familiar brands as Frabo and Schweikert.

Besides the huge collection of training materials, we also have an outdoor clothing collection for dogowners, carried by Pinewood from Sweden, and we also carry our own Clothing collection: “Apport Dogsport Fashion”, which contains trousers, bodywarmers and coats (Winter and Summer collection, specially designed for all disciplines of dog sports)

Because of this wide and also deep range, Apport Hondesport is a leader in the sales of training materials in the Netherlands, and beyond.

More than 10,000 items are available from stock!
Every single day , PostNL delivers orders at many clubs, associations, individuals and professional dog trainers in and around Europe.

Our motto is: “An order placed before 3pm, will be send to you the same day!”

For more information visit: www.apport.nl 

Carels practicing dog sport under the auspices of the K.N.P.V. performing detection and giving instruction at various associations for years, has certainly been the base of knowledge within the company.
With various dogs, Carel obtained certificates including PH I; Object guard dog and
Rescue dog, including becoming the Dutch Championship Rescue Dog.

The cooperation with top trainers in the IGP program ensures that innovative changes are always being made to the training materials to be used, as well as changes in training methods.

These combined forces ensure that the right information and knowledge becomes transferred to our customers.
When a customer has an own idea or preference about materials and / or versions thereof, we are happy to help creating the right design and implement the production of the item.

Bouwonderneming Veeneman

Building on experience

Familiebedrijf Bouwonderneming Veeneman was founded in 1935 by Gerard Veeneman. He established the company at Koolmeesweg 3 in Apeldoorn. In 2005 they realocated to the Kayersdijk and four years later to our current location at Zutphensestraat 299.

In 1970 the sons of Gerard Veeneman, Gerrit and Gerard Jr. took over the company. From 1984 to 1994, Gerard Jr. ran the business independently. The son and son-in-law of Gerard Jr., Jan Veeneman and Herman Neuteboom Spijker, led the company from 1994 to 2006.